A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Resilience is a sci-fi city-builder game for Windows, Mac, and Linux that fosters empathy for displaced peoples and explores how resource distribution impacts wellbeing in refugee camps.

In Resilience, you assume the role of refugee camp manager on a distant moon and are tasked with the livelihood of an alien race fleeing planetary disaster. Confront the day-to-day struggles of camp life and the structural problems of an underfunded aid system.

Resilience was the winner of the Best Student Game award at the 2020 Games for Change Awards.

Visit the Sungrazer Studio website to learn more about Resilience and its team.

This game is free so that everyone can play it. However, if you would like to donate, please consider donating to an aid organization such as the UNHCR or Doctors Without Borders, or to local refugee aid initiatives in your community.

Install instructions

Once you have clicked one of the links and your download is complete, you may need to extract the files from the zip. Once unzipped, the executable/application file - named Resilience.exe - can be clicked to launch the game.


Resilience_Windows.zip 409 MB
Resilience_Mac.tar.gz 405 MB


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cool landscape but lack of gameplay

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I'm on Linux and i downloaded the game, however when i changed the file Resilience.exe file to an executable from the terminal, and ran it, it opened but i can't click any of the buttons. All i can do is hover over them and nothing really happens when i press any of the buttons. What do i do to fix this?

Update: I downloaded the Windows version, ran it through a compatibility layer called WINE and it ran normally. Let this be a fix to the Linux users i guess...

Tried downloading to my Mac but it won't open because it says I don't have the right app. 
What app do I need to open this?

Would like to see this game updated, and have its concepts more fully realized. It is interesting for a bit, but quickly gets repetitive. Also the art style and designs are very good. All in all its a good game, even if it wont keep you occupied for very long.

awesome game 10/10

Aw thanks so much for playing Resilience! 

is there a way to download this as a zip and not through google drive? I can't scan this for viruses due to the file size. Thanks!


Thanks for your interest in Resilience! All the downloads have just been replaced with versions hosted through itch.io, let us know if you're still encountering problems.

Thanks so much! This game is really fun :) I love that you are able to walk around the base and interact with the settlers. Also the Diplomacy aspect is a really good feature in the game. Would highly recommend anyone reading to play this!